“I’m always 20 moves ahead”

Mikey Musumeci, the ONE flyweight submission grappling world champ, thinks that the methods utilized in chess can be used to jiu-jitsu. Musumeci, a BJJ black belt and three-time ONE world champ, sees resemblances in between the 2 video games in regards to acknowledging patterns, establishing instinct, and mastering various motions.

Musumeci explains jiu-jitsu as a “chess celebration,” where each relocation and response can be prepared for and countered. He thinks in remaining a number of actions ahead of his challenger, similar to in a video game of chess. This method permits him to be offending or protective, requiring his challenger into undesirable positions or profiting from their errors.

In his latest match against Osamah Almarwai at ONE Fight Night 10, Musumeci showed his proficiency of jiu-jitsu by dissecting his challenger’s motions and responding appropriately.

Overall, Musumeci’s success in jiu-jitsu can be credited to his capability to use chess-like methods, remaining ahead of his challengers and making calculated relocate to protect success.


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