IBJJF No Gi American National Championship 2023 Results Review

The IBJJF No Gi American National Championship 2023 just recently concluded, including leading grapplers from around the nation. In the males’s heavyweight department, Elder Cruz, an ADCC veteran, won gold before taking home another gold in the outright department. Josh Cisneros, likewise from ADCC 2022, declared the leading area in the light-weight department. Roiter Lima and Huthayfah Penney won in the light-featherweight and featherweight departments, respectively. In the ladies’s departments, Elisabeth Clay controlled, winning gold in the middleweight and outright departments. Maria Ruffatto and Elizabeth Mitrovic likewise stuck out, with Ruffatto winning heavyweight and Mitrovic winning super-heavyweight before positioning 3rd in the outright department. Overall, the competitors showcased remarkable minutes on the mats with excellent efficiencies from the professional athletes.


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