IBJJF European Championship 2024 Competitor List Results

The IBJJF European Championship 2024 occurred from January 20th to 27th, 2024 and saw a brand-new generation of gold medalists crowned. In the middleweight department, Mica Galvao went up in weight and took home the title, while Gutemberg Pereira won both ultra-heavyweight and the outright department. Other champs consisted of Mauricio Oliveira, Elijah Dorsey, Thalison Soares, Kennedy Maciel, and Meyram Maquine. Gabrieli Pessanha continued her supremacy in the super-heavyweight and outright departments, while young possibility Shelby Murphey won her very first significant at black belt in the roosterweight department. Aurelie Le Vern likewise based on top of the podium in the medium-heavyweight department. The complete outcomes for each colored belt department of the IBJJF European Championship 2024 are offered online.


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