IBJJF American National Championship 2023 Full Results And Review

The IBJJF American National Championship 2023 occurred on July sixth and 7th and included leading rivals from throughout the nation. The competition belonged to UFC International Fight Week, bring in much more skill than normal. In the medium-heavyweight department, Horlando Monteiro emerged triumphant, with Gabriel Costa and Ronaldo Junior taking bronze. Junior likewise won gold in the outright department, with difficult matches consisting of a semi-final against middleweight gold medalist Jackson Nagai. Other standout results consisted of Italo Lima Costa winning heavyweight, Danilo Moreira winning light-weight, and Cassio Costa winning super-heavyweight. In the females’s departments, Melissa Stricker won the outright department, whipping Thamara Ferreira in the last. Other significant outcomes consist of Elisabeth Clay winning silver in the middleweight department and bronze in the outright, and Thaynara Dias winning gold in the super-heavyweight and bronze in the outright departments. Full results for all colored belt departments can be discovered on the IBJJF site.


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