Grappling Report: Elisabeth Clay defeats two ADCC champs in one night at Polaris 23

The Polaris 23 Jiu-Jitsu competition included a remarkable lineup of female rivals, with Elisabeth Clay eventually taking house the title by beating both ruling ADCC world champs and sending 2 out of 3 challengers. The competition likewise included a superfight in between Owen Livesey and Chris Weidman, with Livesey winning by consentaneous choice. Diego ‘Pato’ Oliveira amazed at the IBJJF Dallas International Open, winning 4 medals, while Gabriel Sousa kept his title against Gianni Grippo at the Toro Cup 24 in a hard-fought match. Five rivals were prohibited from IBJJF competitors for 3 years after the 2022 no gi world champions due to stopped working drug tests, with Craig Jones meaning another suspension to come. Grappling methods and videos were likewise shared.


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