Grappling Bulletin: A Closer Look At Gordon vs Felipe IV

The extremely expected 4th face-off in between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena is approaching quick, and leading up to the fight, both professional athletes have actually shared their preparations and ideas. In the meantime, FloGrappling has actually examined the 3rd match, highlighting a few of the very best minutes from the match. Despite the anticlimactic ending, where Pena gave up without a submission lock, both professional athletes had their minutes of success. Before the Ryan vs. Pena II bout on February 25, 2 Tezos WNO undercard matches will occur, with the primary card beginning at 10:00 pm ET, consisting of a match in between Kieran Kichuk and Rene Sousa, a no time at all limitation, submission just for heavyweight title in between Ryan and Pena, and others. Additionally, FloGrappling supplies an expert check out the professional athlete agreements, which are a reasonably brand-new phenomenon in grappling however are a substantial action in the sport’s development. Lastly, FloSports Studios has actually revealed the release of their 2nd FloGrappling function movie on March 8, which follows 3 of Brazil’s brightest stars to contend in the 2022 ADCC.


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