Gordon Ryan Training With Buchecha? The Two Legends Hit The Mats

Two of the leading grapplers, Gordon “The King” Ryan and Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, just recently trained together in Florida with American Top Team’s battling coach Steve Mocco. Although there are no information about their training session, it is significant to see the previous no-gi competitors sharing the mat and enhancing together. Gordon and Marcus have a history, having actually combated in the ADCC World Championships Absolute Finals, a match that Gordon won by a single unfavorable. There has actually been interest in a possible rematch, however Buchecha has actually transitioned to his full-time MMA profession. Despite their previous extreme competitors, Brazilian jiu-jitsu enables individuals to contend extremely however still gain from each other in training. Also taking part in the training was Olympic wrestler and NCAA Champion Steve Mocco, who is ATT’s fumbling coach, and UFC veteran/reality television star Antonio Carlos Jr.


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