ADGS Rio Results, Female Argentinian Grappler On The Rise & Carrozzino Shines Through At 94KG

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam went back to Rio de Janeiro this previous weekend, bringing with it an interesting display screen of skill and strong competitors. The occasion occurred at the Arena Carioca and showcased a few of Brazil’s most significant jiu-jitsu stars.

In the male black belt department, there were an overall of 141 matches, with 37 submissions (26%) taped. In the female brown and black belt department, there were 56 matches, with 20 submissions (38%). Let’s take a closer take a look at each weight department in the adult black belt classification.

The 56-kilogram department was won by Oziel Santos, a student of Felipe Pena. Santos protected 3 wins in 3 matches in a department that did not have a few of the enjoyment seen in other classifications. The last saw Santos defeat Faris Kashmeeri 2-0.

In the 62-kilogram department, Leonardo Mario became the champ. Mario, representing group Cicero Costha, controlled the competitors and made the tough job appearance simple. He protected success with a rear-naked choke over Wagner Chrispim.

The 69-kilogram department saw Alessandro Botelho of group Melqui Galvao emerge triumphant. Botelho beat Matheus Onda through a 2-2 rating. Marlus Salgado protected 3rd location with a submission success over Higor Lima.

The 77-kilogram department showed to be among the most difficult in the competition. Luiz Paulo triumphed, however it was Leandro Rounaud of group Fratres who got considerable appreciation. Rounaud showcased a few of the competition’s finest relocations, consisting of an exceptional loop choke over Wallisson Oliveira. Luiz Santos protected 3rd location by beating Oliveira 3-2.

In the 85-kilogram department, Uanderson Ferreira declared the gold medal with a success over Pedro Silva. Despite it being Silva’s black belt launching, he had a strong efficiency with 4 wins over experienced challengers. Alex Munis protected 3rd location with a success over Leonardo Souza through an Estima lock.

Marcos Carrozzino, an increasing star, controlled the 94-kilogram department. Carrozzino, representing GFTeam, showcased aggressiveness, terrific takedowns, and strong death abilities. He protected the gold medal with a 1-0 success over Vinicius Liberati. Javier Barter took 3rd location by beating Davi Souza with a choke from the back.

In the 120-kilogram department, the Fratres group duo of Yatan Bueno and Luis Cantareira controlled the competitors and closed the department. Felipe Bezerra protected 3rd location with a 2-0 success over Guilherme Lambertucci.

In the female departments, Eliana Carauni of Positive Jiu-Jitsu had a magnificent day in the 49-kilogram department. Carauni beat Brenda Larissa in the last to declare the gold medal. Jessica Caroline protected 3rd location with a success over Maria Abreu through a loop choke.

The 55-kilogram department saw Bia Campos become the champ, beating Evellyn Azevedo. Ana Schmitt protected 3rd location with a submission success over Milene Silva.

The GFTeam trio of Vitoria Vieira, Maria Delahaye, and Julia Alves had an outstanding proving in the 62-kilogram department, with an overall of 5 submissions (all armbars) in between them. Vieira became the champ with a success over Delahaye through a toe hold. Alves protected 3rd location with a success over Beatriz Mendonca.

In the 70-kilogram department, Ingridd Alves declared the gold medal by beating Thata Silva, who was disqualified due to knee-reaping. Vitoria Nogueira took 3rd location with a 1-0 success over Leticia dos Santos.

Finally, the 95-kilogram department saw Isa Lemos become the champ with a success over Roberta Ribeiro. Tamiris Silva protected 3rd location with a success over Stephanie Costa.

Overall, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Rio de Janeiro was an exhilarating occasion that showcased the enormous skill and ability of the jiu-jitsu professional athletes. The competition was filled with upsets, huge matches, and outstanding submissions, making it a remarkable weekend for both rivals and viewers.


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