2023 IBJJF Worlds, The Dark Horses Of The Tournament

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) World Championships, the greatest gi jiu-jitsu competition of the year, will happen in Long Beach, California this weekend. While there are numerous frontrunners for the competition, here are the leading 5 dark horses selects for the adult black belt department: Jonata Gomes, Mauricio Oliveira, Catriel Oliveira Rodrigues, Julia Alves, and Alef Brito. Gomes is a strong tactician with well-rounded abilities, Oliveira is a leading skill in the sport, Catriel Rodrigues is effective, technical, tactical, and well-rounded, Alves has an extraordinary track record with a 58% submission rate, and Brito is a professional athlete with a wealth of skill who is prepared to develop himself as one of the huge gamers in the 76-kilo department. While each of these professional athletes deal with difficult opposition in their particular departments, they have the possible to shock their competitors and make an area on the podium.


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