Experience the thrill of UFC 285 as Jon Jones and Cyril Gane go head-to-head in the Octagon in Las Vegas, NV. Check out the highlights video that showcases the intense moments of the fight. Don’t miss out on this epic showdown!

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This UFC video is brought to you by the official organization. The analysis is provided by the renowned sports analyst, Jake Hattan. Catch the action with the background music that perfectly complements the scenes.

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  1. Since Ngannou's plan for boxing Fury has fallen through, maybe we'll see him against Jones in the UFC? That would be cool. Ngannou would have been utterly humiliated against Tyson Fury anyways, let's be honest here.

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  3. i wonder what a Dagestan Heavyweight UFC Fighter trained by Khabib & His Team would be like…. if there ever will be a man like that…. that man would be the most dangerous fighter ever, with Wrestling Skills like Khabib and Punch Like Mike Tyson

  4. Jones would've finished Jones in Round 1 he can defend his heavyweight belt as many times as he wants but if ngannou was still in the UFC totally different story

  5. Wow, Jon (cheating is in my) “Bones” Jones defeated a fall guy to become champion?

    Dana White is what Don King would have done if he solely ran Boxing.

    What a clown show, fat dad bod fought a nobody who took a dive so the favored son could make papa proud.
    If boxers, or other MMA fighters failed as many drug tests, and were arrested as much as papas pride has, they’d have been banned/blacklisted long ago.


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