Top welterweight contender Gilbert Burns put on a show Saturday night at UFC 283, submitting Neil Magny in the first round to the delight of his home crowd. Fans of the sport can now stay connected with all the latest UFC content by subscribing at

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    ( ياأيها الناس اتقوا ربكم إن زلزلة الساعة شيء عظيم ( 1 ) يوم ترونها تذهل كل مرضعة عما أرضعت وتضع كل ذات حمل حملها وترى الناس سكارى وما هم بسكارى ولكن عذاب الله شديد ( 2 ) )
    قال رسول الله محمد عليه افضل الصلاة والسلام :
    من قال لا إله إلا الله صدقًا من قلبه دخل الجنة

    كلمه ياأخي تقولها تدخل الجنه !!وينجيك الله من دخول النار !!

  2. UFC needs to implement a new contract where if you get your ass whooped that decisively on a skill level, you should be cut because if UFC is supposedly the top organization, people who have 0 chance of ever becoming champion should also face the harsh reality that a 9 -5 or other profession would help support their family better. it is selfish to take months off to train for a fight, knowing deep down you are NOT champion material. move on

  3. Weird, when Colby called out easy match ups from 155ers like Poirier Colby fans couldn’t stop clamoring for it. But when real contenders like Burns and Khamzat call him out they get real quiet I can’t imagine why 😂

  4. I feel bad when established players like Gilbert need to keep holding up that stupid Monster can for some extra bucks. It's time UFC allowed them to display ads in other forms (shorts etc.), to save them this nuisance post-match.

  5. You really have to hand it to Burns, all these guys in the UFC are too scared to fight a lower ranked opponent because all they care about is that spot in the ranking, Gilbert does not care if your ranked or unranked the man is a warrior and takes all comers.

  6. I already knew of Gilbert Burns cause he is a big name I’m the UFC but this was my first time ever watching him fight, and I’ll be honestly I was absolutely blown the fuck away. I have never seen someone with so much technique and skill on the ground, it was almost unreal to see him move the way he did last night. It was like he was an alien or something, I became a fan instantly. Burns, you’re the fucking MAN.


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