Gianni The Greek Sets GSP Opponent Odds

Former UFC fighters Jake Shields and Nick Diaz have actually been provided odds of 20/1 to fight Georges St-Pierre (GSP) in the future. Both Shields and Diaz have actually formerly combated GSP and have a background in grappling. However, there are doubts about Diaz’s dedication to fight sports, as he just recently contended in MMA and did not seem totally invested. Sports gamblers think the opportunities of Diaz going back to complete against GSP are incredibly low, as GSP appears more concentrated and major about wishing to complete.

In addition to Shields and Diaz, there are 3 other possible challengers for GSP: Andre Galvalo, Craig Jones, and Mason Fowler. These 3 people originated from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and submission grappling world and have actually been priced at +1250. Galvalo is a legend in the sport and GSP might have an interest in facing him to challenge himself against an experienced grappler. Jones has previous triumphes over Donald Cerrone and a credibility as a leg lock expert. Fowler has actually won champions in BJJ and submission grappling and is extremely appreciated because world. All 3 fighters might offer fascinating matches for GSP.

Overall, the probability of Shields and Diaz combating GSP once again is thought about extremely low, while Galvalo, Jones, and Fowler provide appealing possibilities as possible challengers.


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