Arman Tsarukyan has a special message for Islam Makhachev, the UFC Lightweight champion. After securing a win against Joaquim Silva at UFC Fight Night Las Vegas, Tsarukyan expressed his admiration for his opponent’s bravery in accepting the fight. He believes that many top fighters in the UFC would shy away from challenging him. Tsarukyan eagerly anticipates facing other top contenders in the division, and he envisions a future rematch with Makhachev. Stay tuned for more updates!
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  1. He is good but not as good or ready to take on islam. He barely survive second round. And was struggling to take down. His main power is his grappling but in this match he fail to impress…

  2. Good fight last night BUT LETS BE REAL…after almost getting KOd by an unranked opponent you gonna get walked by anyone in the top 5!! And you out here calling for the champ

  3. This guy thinks he’s a title contender he hasn’t beat anyone in top TEN EVER last person was gamrot and GAMROT beat the shit out of him sick of these dudes wanting a title shot after beating a nobody


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