Andrew Tate wanted to turn women into slaves, Romanian prosecutors allege

Andrew Tate, a web celeb and previous kickboxing world champ, and his bro Tristan were detained in Romania in December 2022 on charges of forming a criminal gang to sexually make use of ladies. Romanian district attorneys declare that Andrew had actually trafficked and sexually made use of numerous ladies, consisting of a Moldovan female who he had actually guaranteed a brand-new life and a marital relationship proposition. In exchange for her commitment, Andrew had actually apparently raped her twice in Romania while looking for to get her in a human-trafficking operation concentrated on making porn for the online platform OnlyFans.

Andrew and Tristan have actually rejected all the accusations against them, and their lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, has actually stated that the bros’ declared victims weren’t maltreated and were “living off the backs of the well-known Tates”. Beatrice and Iasmina, 2 of the ladies called in the court file, have actually likewise openly mentioned that they are not victims and the Tates are innocent.

OnlyFans, the online platform where Andrew apparently looked for to make porn, has 150 million users who pay month-to-month costs for their material, much of it sensual or adult. The business has actually stated that Andrew has never ever had a developer account or gotten payments, which they had actually been monitoring him because early 2022 and taken “proactive procedures” to stop him publishing or generating income from material.

Andrew Tate had actually acquired countless online fans by promoting an extravagant, hyper-macho picture of driving quick vehicles and dating lovely ladies. The accusations against him have actually raised issues amongst some human rights groups about the capacity for the exploitation of ladies on such platforms.


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