“You Vape You…”- Andrew Tate Has a Two-Word Iconic Response to UFC Star Sean O’Malley Quoting His Famous Take On Vaping

Controversial web star Andrew Tate, likewise called ‘Cobra’, has actually revealed his ridicule for vaping in a current interaction with UFC star Sean O’Malley. O’Malley, who has actually been affected by Tate’s views, required to Twitter to state, “You vape you gay,” to which Tate reacted with his popular expression, “Breathe Air.” This is not the very first time that Tate has actually slammed vaping, as he has actually formerly pointed out the chemicals and non-natural nature of vaping compared to tobacco. He thinks that those who vape and overlook the prospective health dangers “deserve what occurs to [them].”

The interaction in between O’Malley and Tate has actually triggered a conversation about vaping and whether it is harmful to one’s health. While Tate’s views have actually gotten attention and assistance from some, others might disagree and think that vaping is a more secure option to cigarette smoking standard cigarettes.

Meanwhile, O’Malley is getting ready for his upcoming fight against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292, while Tate is involved in a debate surrounding charges of human trafficking.

Overall, this interaction highlights the continuous argument and department surrounding vaping, with people like Tate highly condemning it and others revealing various viewpoints on its security and advantages.


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