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On Jan. 17, 1997, Jake Paul was born in Cleveland. Six months later on, then-31-year-old Mike Tyson combated Evander Holyfield in Nevada in an occasion that earned $100 million.
On July 20, 2024, a 27-year-old Paul will fight a 58-year-old Tyson in a boxing match on Netflix. Anyone with a Netflix account can see the stunning fight for no extra expense. 
Regulated sportsbooks haven’t yet published odds for the fight, and it’s uncertain which ones will. Typically, bets can be provided for authorities, approved battles—not exhibits.
Bovada, an offshore, uncontrolled betting website that is illegal to utilize in the U.S., noted Paul as a -500 preferred, with +325 for Tyson. However, a day after the fight was revealed, Bovada had Paul as a -225 preferred, with Tyson at +170. Apparently the sportsbook saw preliminary betting interest on Tyson.
If managed sportsbooks provide bets, their odds will likely resemble their overseas equivalents.
Even if the bout is approved, some betting states won’t permit sportsbooks to provide bets
Paul versus Tyson will take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which seats over 80,000.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Preview
Paul is 9-1 in his boxing profession, with his only loss concerning Tommy Fury in February 2023. He won his last 2 battles through knockout and has actually beaten previous UFC stars Nate Diaz, Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley.
Paul’s 2nd expert fight was available in 2020 when he beat previous NBA gamer Nate Robinson on the undercard for Tyson’s fight with Roy Jones Jr.
“We’re about to produce the most significant fight in history, a fight in the most significant NFL arena in the U.S., broadcast reside on the most significant streaming platform on the planet—a testimony to all we’ve achieved in such a brief quantity of time,” Paul stated in a declaration.
When Tyson remained in his prime, he was boxing’s finest heavyweight and among the most feared fighters on the planet. However, he hasn’t had an expert fight given that 2005 and has to do with thirty years older than Paul. It’s uncertain whether this fight will be an expert contest or an exhibit.
Tyson’s fight against Roy Jones Jr. ended up in a split draw, and he hasn’t combated given that.
“It’s a full-circle minute that will be beyond thrilling to see, as I began (Paul) on his boxing journey on the undercard of my fight with Roy Jones, and now I prepare to complete him,” Tyson stated in a declaration.
It’s neither fighter’s very first time dealing with Netflix. Paul was the topic of Netflix’s Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child, while Tyson added to the business’s Battle of the Baddest, which informed the story of Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou’s heavyweight fight in 2023.
Still, this is uncharted area for both males.
Tyson is among boxing’s GOATs, however he’s nearly 60 and taking a fight at this age threatens. There’s no rejecting that Paul has actually grown as a fighter, however this might be the greatest stakes yet for among his battles.
A loss to Tyson would seriously thwart Paul’s momentum.

Is Mike Tyson Really Going to Fight Jake Paul? 
Yes. While this might look like a fever dream, it’s truth—a minimum of in the meantime. Fights are in some cases canceled due to injury or health problem. At Tyson’s age, an injury is most likely.
The 2 are set up to fight at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20. This will be Tyson’s very first fight given that he combated Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020 in an exhibit.
Tyson hasn’t combated in an authorities fight given that he lost to Kevin McBride in 2005. He lost 3 of his last 4 battles before retiring. 
Who is Favored to Win in Jake Paul Versus Mike Tyson?
While sports betting odds aren’t readily available from certified sportsbooks, some overseas sportsbooks have actually published odds for the fight. Bovada, one such uncontrolled, overseas sportsbook, has Paul as a -225 preferred, with Tyson a +170 underdog.
In the 24 hr given that the odds published, they’ve moved in Tyson’s instructions, as Paul opened as a -500 favorite. 
Paul was a heavy favorite in his last fight against UFC star Nate Diaz, with some sportsbooks noting him at -500 before the contest.
Is Sports Betting Legal in Texas on Paul Versus Tyson? 
No, sports betting is illegal in Texas, and it’ll be intriguing to see how that dynamic plays out ahead of the fight on both a micro and macro level.
On the macro, gamblers will just be permitted to bank on the fight on a legal sportsbook if the fight is categorized as a professional fight. If it remains as an exhibit, sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings may not have the ability to publish markets for it.
On the micro, it’ll be intriguing to see how the fight is promoted without that betting hook. Boxing and sports betting have actually been linked from the first day, so it’ll be odd to see the fight promoted without betting.
And with sports betting illegal in Texas, there won’t be as numerous advertisements for betting business as there would be for a fight in a state where sports betting is legal.
That stated, Paul co-founded his own sports betting business in Betr, so we’ll likely see some marketing for them.
How Much is the Tyson-Paul Fight to Watch?
Mike Tyson’s boxing match against Jake Paul will be readily available to Netflix customers. If you have a Netflix account, you won’t require to stress over paying additional.
Subscriptions are readily available for as low as $6.99 for anybody thinking about registering.
However, it’s uncertain what tier membership is needed to see the fight.
How Much Are Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Tickets?
Tickets aren’t formally on sale yet, however an exceptional seat might cost as much as $11,000
Most Valuable Promotions is permitting fans to register to get “special very first access to tickets 2 days before the general public.” 
However, Vivid Seats, an openly traded ticket exchange and resale business, has actually started providing tickets utilizing its “seat saver” function. Vivid Seats basically lets users pre-order their seats from a seller who doesn’t yet have the tickets.
The most inexpensive standing-room ticket is $211, while the most inexpensive seat is for around $264 in the 400 area. Floor seats are readily available from anywhere in between $3,000 and $11,000.
AT&T Stadium seats 80,000 fans.
Those ticket rates are greater than the last time Paul combated.
In August 2023, Paul combated previous UFC star Nate Diaz at American Airlines Center in Dallas, with tickets choosing as low as $60 in the upper area.
When Paul combated Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia in February 2023, tickets expense in between $64 and $333, according to Sportskeeda. In his last fight against Ryan Bourland in Miami, tickets were readily available for as low as $50. Prices maxed out at $1,473, according to The Sporting News.
While Tyson hasn’t combated in front of a crowd given that 2005, he was among the most pricey tickets in boxing throughout his prime time.
In 1988, a ringside seat to see his fight against Michael Spinks cost $1,500, which was unprecedented at the time. Previously, the most pricey ringside seat was $1,000 at Roberto Durán vs. Sugar Ray Leonard in Louisiana in 1980. 
In Tyson’s fight against Clifford Etienne in 2003 (which showed to be his last expert win), tickets began at simply $25.
What is Mike Tyson’s Record?
Mike Tyson has a profession record of 56-6 (44 KOs), among the very best in the sport’s history.
The “baddest male on earth” ended up being the youngest fighter to win a heavyweight title when he beat Trevor Berbick on Nov. 22, 1986.
He was the sport’s undeniable world heavyweight champ from 1987 to 1990 and won his very first 19 expert battles. He invested 3 years in prison for a rape conviction in the mid-1990s however restored his title, ending up being the 6th male to restore a heavyweight title after losing it.
He sputtered at the end of his profession, nevertheless, as he lost to Evander Holyfield two times in the late 90s (with the 2nd defeat being the time Tyson bit his ear) before formally losing his title through knockout to Lennox Lewis in 2002.
What Weight Division is the Tyson-Paul Fight?
The weight class for the fight hasn’t been revealed, however it’ll likely be heavyweight. Tyson combated as a heavyweight for his whole profession, while Paul has actually combated at cruiserweight (light heavyweight). 
Paul weighed 199.8 pounds in his last fight, while Tyson weighed 220.4 versus Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. 
On March 7, Paul published on X stating that he’d fight at heavyweight while likewise stating that a four-year-old video of Tyson was from 2 weeks earlier. The post was commonly panned.
Height Difference Between Paul and Tyson
Paul is taller than Tyson. He’s 6-foot-1 with a 76-inch reach. Tyson is 5-foot-10 with a 71-inch reach.
That may not be an issue for Tyson, as all however among his challengers were taller than him. He handled to go 56-6 in his profession.
What is genuinely of issue for Tyson is his age.
Is Mike Tyson Using a Cane?
In 2022, video emerged of Tyson in a wheelchair and utilizing a walking cane at Miami International airport. Tyson stated later that the event was because of his sciatica, which he stated can flare so bad he “can’t even talk.”
The Mayo Clinic specifies sciatica as discomfort “that takes a trip along the course of the sciatic nerve.”
It typically takes place when a herniated disk or thick bones puts pressure on the spinal column. It can trigger swelling, discomfort and typically pins and needles in the afflicted leg.
Later that summer season, Tyson spoke on his podcast about his health.
“We’re all gonna pass away one day,” he stated. “Then, when I search in the mirror, I see those little areas on my face, I state, ‘Wow. That suggests my expiration date is coming close, actually quickly.’”
Those events were revived into the light on March 9 when Stephen A. Smith stated he had actually talked with previous UFC star Daniel Cormier, who stated the last time he saw Tyson was when he strolled into a UFC occasion utilizing a walking cane.
We don’t understand what’s occurred in the previous 2 years since Tyson hasn’t spoken much about his physical condition.
To quote Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction, “Boxers don’t have an old-timers day.”
Who Has Jake Paul Fought? 
Jake Paul has actually combated 10 times, putting together a 9-1 record with 6 KOs. 
His only loss was to expert fighter Tommy Fury on points, while a lot of his wins have actually come against non-boxers—MMA stars or expert athletes from other sports.
His last fight began March 2 when he beat professional fighter Ryan Bourland with a first-round knockout.
Here’s a list of all the fighters Paul has actually combated in his profession, in addition to the outcome.

AnESonGib: win, TKO
Nate Robunsin: win, KO
Ben Askren: win, TKO
Tyron Woodley: win, SD
Tyron Woodley: win, KO  
Anderson Silva: win, UD
Tommy Fury: loss, SD
Nate Diaz: win, UD
Andre August: win, KO
Ryan Bourland: win, TKO

Has Netflix Ever Streamed a Live Sports Event?
This will be the 3rd live sporting occasion that Netflix has actually hosted.
Netflix’s very first venture into live sports was available in November 2023 when it hosted The Netflix Cup, which had the stars of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series taking on against the stars of Full Swing. 
In March, Netflix hosted The Netflix Slam, which was an exhibit tennis match in between Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal.
Netflix has actually likewise hosted a range of sports-related initial material, consisting of Untold series (which had an episode that concentrated on Paul) in addition to Last Chance U.
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