Which PFL vs. Bellator champs could dethrone UFC titleholders?

In the world of MMA, cross-promotion is like a fantasy brought to life, akin to a video game scenario. Recently, there was a clash of champions between PFL and Bellator fighters in Saudi Arabia. Renan Ferreira, the PFL heavyweight title-holder, made a statement by knocking out Bellator champion Ryan Bader in just 21 seconds, settling any debate between the two.

While this event sparked speculation about a potential matchup between UFC champions and those from other promotions, the reality is that the UFC does not participate in cross-promotions. This reluctance stems from a mix of business decisions and historical incidents, such as Chuck Liddell’s knockout defeat at the hands of a rival company’s fighter in 2003.

Despite the UFC’s stance, the idea of fantasy matchups between champions from different promotions is intriguing. Assessments from experts suggest how various potential matchups in different weight classes could play out. Each prediction offers insights into how these compelling fights might unfold if they were to happen in an alternate reality.


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