Make sure to catch the latest video on our channel, featuring an intense rematch between two of UFC’s most skilled fighters, Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira.

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  1. Pereira is slow in sensing and judging now, more depends on his technical strength and skill. He did not do assessment during his punching and strike points at adesanya

  2. Loved Izzy, even when it's 3-0, and you guys would not understand the satisfaction and the joy it brought me on the forth fight when Izzy floored him. Much love to both contender and Izzy is always my Ni@@er. As much as i enjoy Izzy, Bones is the bigger version of Izzy, I just wish fighters would have more class and be more humble as to respect for vets and respect for people who from a different divison. Peace!!!

  3. Watch this video again check out the gal wearing the red pant,(ring side gal) everybody was so happy for Israel apart from the people from Brazil 🇧🇷
    Even the ring side gals were celebrating the victory.

  4. I'm a little late to the party sorry been working. I was filled with jot and satisfaction when I found out Izzy won. I never doubted him and was still supported him this whole time I never switched I never will. You can't take away or dismiss all he's done because of 1 loss Izzys a true warrior so am I. The real see the real and see things others don't. If you don't know who Izzy is by now then stay sleep I knew since the first time I seen him fight,talk,train,live its beyond fighting. #Firespirit

  5. i never seen a ring girl react to a fighter winning like that. for all the lukes and costas in the game and for the izzy gay jokes. i see he has the most women mma fan engagement. izzy gets the ladies.


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