Francis Ngannou the UFC heavyweight champion

The concept of a UFC heavyweight champ going into the boxing ring to make some genuine cash has actually constantly been a controversial one.

In 2023, that might come true as Francis Ngannou prepares to ditch his UFC title and fight among the leading names in the sport.

Opinion, as constantly, is divided on how Ngannou will do outside the octagon and possibly utilizing the Queensberry Rules. However, just history can inform us what will remain in shop.

Mixed Martial Artists have actually never ever had the ability to cope when switching fingerless gloves for 10 ounces. You just need to ask Conor McGregor about that.

Francis Ngannou targets boxing stars

But there is cash that can be made just off a name. Ngannou doesn’t truly have that either, definitely not with boxing fans. That’s why he’s targeting the huge weapons.

In his latest social networks project to bag a huge check, Ngannou exposed a shortlist of 3. From that post, it’s evident Ngannou is just thinking about cash.

Oleksandr Usyk, the male who holds 3 of the 4 heavyweight belts, is not discussed. Those on the list are the 3 highest-profile heavyweights worldwide.

Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and Anthony Joshua made it, additional proof that Ngannou is composing checks his capability cannot cash.

Francis Ngannou the UFC heavyweight champion targets Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and Anthony Joshua

The Nigerian is punching method above his weight and scheduling a one-way ticket to a knockout loss.

Former cruiserweight world champ and heavyweight advocate Tony Bellew concurs with that concept.

“His [Francis Ngannou’s] power will be a severe issue! His energy levels in a boxing ring will be something to see!

“However, his absence of method and experience will see him most likely get harmed. I feel for him. I truly do!

“He’ll do much better than any fighter attempting MMA, however, I’ll state that much,” stated Bellew.

Heavyweight run

Ngannou is trying to make a quick dollar, absolutely nothing more. Therefore, any promoters need to know this and call any future defend what they are.

If “The Predator” was major about a boxing profession or making any damage in the department, he’d start with a ranking fight prior to making his location.

That’s not what this workout has to do with, though. It’s more about the absence of pay managed to UFC stars by Dana White’s business than anything else.

If White offered his fighters the power to make enormous cash on his platform, there’d be no requirement to change codes. Ngannou might safeguard his title without the requirement to punch above his weight.

In addition, the worries are genuine over Ngannou if any of the trio he’s targeted enter into a fight with bad intents. Francis Ngannou will be KO’d, and it won’t be quite.

Maybe they will relax on him or make sure the guidelines operate in his favor.

The views revealed in this post are the viewpoints of knowledgeable boxing author Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Furthermore, follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, and Twitter.


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