Former UFC Champ-Champ Triple C Henry Cejudo has had the pleasure of training with Jon Jones during the preparation for his upcoming title fight with Ciryl Gane at UFC 285. It appears as if Henry Cejudo has taken more of a coaching/mentorship roll with Jon Jones during his return the lead up to his return to action. Like Jones, Cejudo is a competitor who knows how to win. Cejudo is not only a former double champ, he is also an Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist. During the Mike Tyson Hot Boxin’ Podcast, Khabib Nurmagomedov(UFC GOAT) referred to Henry Cejudo as the most accomplished combat sports athlete of all time.

This matters because Cejudo recently did a YouTube video where he breaks down and makes a prediction for the upcoming fight with Jones. Henry claims Jones is extremely sharp mentally and physically but most importantly: committed. Henry boldly claims Jones gets it done by TKO or submission in under 3 rounds.

If Henry Cejudo is that confident in Jon Jones ability, it is hard not to believe him. If anybody has the ability to predict this fight correctly, it is Henry. Along with the technical ability to properly analyze a fight, Henry also spent a significant amount of time watching Jones during crucial moments leading up to the UFC 285 main event. Henry was there for sparring, wrestling, mitt sessions and recovery days.

Watch Henry Cejudo give his expert analysis on Jon Jones vs Cyril Gane and the entire main card for UFC 285 on his YouTube Channel below


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