Video: Fighter Scores 1 Second KO After Apparent Fake Glove Touch At Titan FC 83

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Video: Fighter Scores 1 Second KO After Apparent Fake Glove Touch At Titan FC 83

It’s nearly impossible to imagine a more perfect outcome than a fight ending in just one second.

One of the most thrilling elements of MMA is the unexpected nature of these battles. Whether it’s a lightning-fast flying knee like Jorge Masvidal’s or a last-second submission from a seemingly losing fighter, MMA fights can deliver surprising and diverse results that keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

Controversy Surrounds One-Second KO

Spectators recently witnessed a lightning-fast knockout during Titan FC 83, where Luis Hernandez faced off against Brian Topp in a welterweight showdown.

The fight began and abruptly concluded as Hernandez delivered a devastating head kick that rendered Topp unconscious immediately. This knockout was officially announced as happening just one second into the first round.

While this knockout was undeniably impressive, it sparked controversy among viewers who analyzed the footage. The primary point of contention arose from the fact that Hernandez seemed to fake a glove touch before unleashing the head kick, a move that, while legal, is generally frowned upon in the MMA community.

Another issue raised by some viewers was the timing of the fight’s official record, with the one-second stoppage not being universally agreed upon. For example, Tapology, one of the leading websites for maintaining fighter and event records, plans to enter the fight as lasting 3 seconds, based on the time elapsed from the start of the contest to the referee’s decision to end it.

These are valid concerns, and it’s understandable why some might be skeptical of the knockout. Nevertheless, this lightning-fast finish at Titan FC 83 was undeniably impressive.

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