Grasso pulled off a surprising upset against Valentina Shevchenko by taking advantage of her mistake. Her southpaw switch played a crucial role in securing her victory, but how exactly did it work?

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  1. Losses are part of it…they happen…they are meant to show a fighter you still have points to work on. I am glad to see these fighters even at their level still pushing each other!

  2. Grasso was waiting for that spinning kick, she was baiting her the whole fight for that ONE counter. FKN SMART! Val was neve4 winn8ng, she was getting setup the whole fight!

  3. It was more of a slip up on valentinas behalf ..grasso was gifted valentinas back ..she wasn't waiting for Val to attempt the spinning back kick ..she literally threw a punch at the same time Val attempted the spinning back kick .

  4. Valentina Shechenko vs Alexa Grasso now what really happened in this fight.

    Shevchenko did a Chris Weidman. Never do a Chris Weidman people!

  5. This Sh$t pisses me off!!! Please take away the belt system, PLEASE! So what if she lost. We love how she fights! I don’t want her to be caustics due to this one “mistake”. I prefer excitement over expert fights

  6. What really happened? That's easy. ESPN/Disney controls everything. Just like boxing, the UFC is now controlled by "the elite." Laugh if you will, but Valentina would never make a mistake like that unless the fix was in. Much like Ngonnou vs Gane, Valentina to lose by submission was virtually impossible. Likewise, Ngonnou to win a decision was +9000.
    Fixed fights are selective… it doesn't happen every match. The rematch will most likely be even bigger. Rematches and Trilogy's are huge $$$.
    Max Kellerman was quoted saying, "Boxing is the most rigged sport in the world." Now that ESPN/Disney has put their grimy hands on the UFC, I can only imagine how dirty it has become. It's not always clear how the "fixing" is done… but it's clear that it's happening.

  7. Ufc sucks how come the referee decide to stand up Valentina in a dominance position that she earned where she was hitting grasso on the ground this is not fucking boxing is mma

  8. This is contains a lot of nonsense! neither you nor the clowns that run the UFC want to give credit to Alexa Grasso and acknowledge the fact that Alexa has improved her game so much that she was the better fighter! I have news for you and Valentina's fans: In a rematch Alexa will be even better prepared! Valentina is waning and Alexa is on the rise! Also if I was Alexa Grasso, I would want to give Manon Fiorot a deserved shot before giving Valentina a rematch!

  9. watch that squeeze from another angle. grasso has the choke on, the squeeze is locked. but then she adjusts and works her hand/fist inside the squeeze, against the side of val's neck. the moment that then gets set in, val taps.

  10. Called "Spin" today…Shizen Ryu, we say "Reverse"…
    Not known, i see many UFC Champs doing it wrong……
    NEVER…..use reverse kicks or punches when opponent is static or backing up.
    Reverse kicks are ONLY for the incoming attacker.
    U cannot mask it otherwise…


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