Andrii Novytskyi Rampage heavyweight

Ukrainian heavyweight up-and-comer Andrii Novytskyi has his sights set on dealing with Daniel Dubois following his compatriot Oleksandr Usyk’s upcoming fight. Novytskyi, who has a best record of 3-0 given that turning professional, aspires to handle Dubois when he enhances his own ranking. Speaking on behalf of Team Rampage, Nikhil Sharma described that Novytskyi is arranged to fight Mariano Jose Riva next month and is identified to protect a title shot. Novytskyi himself revealed self-confidence in his capabilities, mentioning his training with Coach advertisement and specifying that he thinks he can beat Dubois within the very first 4 rounds. Coach Anatoliy echoed this belief, imagining Novytskyi as a future heavyweight champ. The group’s objective is to establish a match with Dubois as quickly as possible. Novytskyi’s latest win came against Elder Hernandez Gama in April, where he showcased the abilities he gained from Coach ADVERTISEMENT. The group is anticipating Novytskyi’s future bouts and thinks he has what it requires to be successful in the heavyweight department.


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