In the aftermath of the high-stakes middleweight bout between Marvin Vettori and Jared Cannonier at #UFCVegas75, MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck, Jed Meshew, and José Youngs have shared their reactions. The trio discussed the five-round battle, highlighting the significant moments that took place during Saturday’s event at the #UFC APEX. Additionally, they delved into the standout moments from the entire weekend, offering exclusive and expert analysis. Join this channel to gain access to special perks and stay updated on everything happening in the world of MMA.

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  1. Who's watching PFL?! I don't know anyone that is… honestly. How do you "win" the weekend if you ain't getting views? Cause of the Jon Francis talk which we know means absolutely nothing? It's not promotion if it's not actually PROMOTING anything…. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. I loved the "fart sniffer" comment. Because lets keep it funky fellas.., you guys, myself and everyone on this planet that knows the fight game wants the jon & francis fight. Nobody cares about anything else as of late. Great video. 👍

  3. What a dumb hater take by Jed. UFC was easily the best card that delivered. No one watched the PFL fights. Remember the only reason anyone cared about Francis and PFL, because Jon Jones was there. If Francis faced off with anyone else, it wouldn’t be the same draw.

  4. The commentator vs analyst example was spot on! Cruz is super smart when it comes to breaking down the fights, but childish with his inability to accept something other than what he agrees with

  5. PFL's production is soooooooo bad it is hard to even watch… So much air time wasted.. It means nothing with Francis and Jones cause everyone knows they aren't fighting..

  6. Yoel lost in the Olympic finals against adam saitiev, the little brother of the legendary saitiev who won 3 Olympics gold medals and arguably the greatest.

    So adam compared to his big brother wasn't that good, his only accomplishment was only winning the gold medal one time and beating yoel in the finals who was a legend in wrestling a d he still lost to him like he was an amateur


  7. I think Yoel romero is misunderstood genius, and the way he fought tonight ((considering he is 46 and his naturally limited cardio)) gainst possibly the best 205 in the world was just brilliant honestly.

    The guy is a master at pacing himself and managing his energy in a very efficient way to not run the risk of gassing himself out and putting himself at risk of getting koed.

    Even the way he fakes getting eye pocket to get a breather is just genius, other fighter in his possicion would panick.

    He made that mistake only once in his life and that was at 205 and was the only time he lost by way of ko 12 years ago , and since then he never made that mistake again.

    And so when he loses its only by close decision loses against elit fighters but when he wins its always in a brutal way, that's why he still got a great chin at almost 50.

    Other fighter with semilar cardio problems (Mike Tyson, rumble, conor) those guys fight IQ wasn't high enough were they ever found a way to adresse their weakness in their cardio or manage it correctly , thats why all of their loses is always by brutal fashion and cardio related.

    So yeah I believe yoel is an absolute genius at fighting and the fact he never listened to his critics and just never changed his style of fighting says a lot about him as well.

    Fighting in a way that even if you lose it isn't gonna hurt your health is the way to go.


  8. It was a nice display by the cannon but if he would have gone to the body with shots instead of head hunting the entire time he would have knocked him out! Which would have been more impressive. All & all still a great beating lol

  9. Yes PFL won the weekend. With buzz from a potential fight that will either never happen at all or if it did it wont be under their banner. What a win lmao

  10. Vettori just isnt good. He’s that dude at work that fails his way to the top. I mean he barely wins- he beat an out of shape Paulo Costa in the last win I can think of…oh sorry forgot that was in 2021. He beat some can last year. Only fights once a year apparently.


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