Check out the thrilling moments from the UFC 287 matchup between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira in Miami, Florida.

Pereira had a face off with Adesanya in an epic battle at UFC 287.

Catch the action-packed highlights of Adesanya vs Pereira in this electrifying video.

Don’t miss the exciting #UFC287 showdown between #israeladesanya and #alexpereira.

The UFC has generously shared this video for all fight enthusiasts to enjoy.

Get in-depth analysis of the fight from Jake Hattan.

Turn up the volume and enjoy the music accompanying the intense footage.

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  1. We apologize about the strange edit. This is not how the video was uploaded. This is what happens when your copyright free music gets copyright claimed by a scammer. Choice- fight the claim and have it resolved within 30 days and earn no revenue during that time or 2- cut out the portion of music claimed and replace it with YouTube’s music and lose the narration but get revenue. We opted for #2. We apologize for the mess but this is what happens when YouTube’s policy lets someone copyright claim without proof.

  2. Whenever the UFC decides to find a new brand that is more impressive than Izzy or draws more money than Izzy. That is a day he will lose. They won't put him up against a world champion wrestler. Not ever


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