Below are my initial thoughts and outcomes of the UFC 286 event featuring Leon Edwards versus Kamaru Usman for the third time.

0:00 – Edwards vs Usman 3: Get ready for an epic rematch between these two fighters.

4:28 – Gaethje vs Fiziev: An explosive matchup that promises to deliver intense action.

7:34 – Nelson vs Barberena: A clash between two skilled fighters, expect a competitive bout.

8:47 – Maia vs O’Neill: An intriguing matchup between two talented female fighters.

9:00 – Vettori vs Dolidze: This fight has the potential to be a showstopper, with both fighters hungry for a victory.

11:15 – Shore vs Amirkhani: A battle between two promising prospects, this fight could steal the show.

13:23 – Petterson vs Ashmoz: Prepare for a thrilling matchup between these two fighters.

14:34 – Mokaev vs Filho: A bout between two rising stars in the sport, this fight is one to watch.

17:28 – Murphy vs Santos: An exciting clash between two formidable opponents.

20:09 – Duncan vs Todorovic: Expect fireworks in this exciting matchup.

20:43 – Hadley vs Gordon: A high-stakes fight between two talented athletes.

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  1. No one wants to See Whitaker vs Khamzat… Khamzat didn’t even want to do it because Whitaker is legit a good dude. Hopefully they feed him someone else, I’m not saying Whitaker can’t win that fight, I just know he takes a lot of punishment when he fights

  2. Looks like I was right! Marty from Nebraska was never on GSP's level 🤣 5 title defenses compared to 9 😅
    Marty was not even able to pass Matt Hughes!
    I don't even hate Marty from Nebraska, he's still the 3rd greatest welterweight ever but his toxic racist fanbase were insufferable and need to be put in their place with all the garbage 🗑 they spewed since 2019

  3. If you want no brainer fight… Watch Justin …. With that stand up in ain’t going to beat isalm and or Charles…. It’s just dumb fighting to please the audience. I prefer those who have brains with so much technical ability.. Hence , Leon vs Useman. Leon out smarted him. The most technical fighters are the best and have longevity

  4. So Mokaev said it was “cracking” every second he was in the knee bar, and the post fight pictures are very bad, his knee was a balloon

  5. Ok so for gaethje, I’m not sure if you heard them talking ab it on air or not but apparently he actually out on more muscle, and he even said this is first time he really had to cut weight so gaethje just got bigger I think, which is a scary concept to think of lol

  6. not a great main event at all. as expected Gaethje vs Fiziev was the best fight on main card. Justin really surprised me but the eye pokes he repeatedly does to opponents are a problem. This one was blatant and happened to be the turning point of the fight. Not saying it’s why he won but it didn’t hurt his plight either. Had way more success w the leg kicks than i expected too considering Fiziev’s championship Muay Thai background

  7. before this
    Arman lost to Islam,
    Gamrot lost to Dariush,
    n now
    Fiziev lost to Gaetje…
    This show the gap between the Top 5 n new generation fighter in Top 15…but they can probably beat Chandler…

  8. I think the “head shot dead” really played with Usman. He used to march people down and control the fight. Leon had crazy takedown defense to.

  9. Once i saw how hard of a body kick rafa was throwing, I knew immediately that dude gonna gassed out exactly like the Bobby fight and that’s exactly what happened in there, But credit to both guys for the Great fucking fight 🙏🏻

  10. Really hope Uncle Chael stretched before all these gymnastics to deny Leon his props and simultaneously convince us Colby deserves this.

    Plenty of top fighters Colby hasn't fought. This was a popularity contest

  11. I thought Edwards gave quite the masterful performance. I don’t see why you would look at this fight and somehow conclude that neither fighter did all that well. He effectively did to Usman what no one was able to do to him before and if anything this fight made me more confident that he can beat khamzat.


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