Explore some of the key moments from the press conference for UFC 284 on Thursday. Tune in on Saturday at 10pm ET / 7pm PT for the main card.

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  1. Just imagine paying $125 to see this on PPV. What a rip-off!! UFC is going the way of boxing. Outpricing themselves on PPV's. They'll have to go back to cable.. Just like boxing did.

  2. If Volk were a little more disrespectful, it would be relevant to point out to Islam that he’s on his first defense of a title he earned on the back of Khabib. He could point out that Islam has been stopped before in his weight own class so it’s no unheard of.

  3. Islam has more to lose in my opinion. If Volk does not win, he "only" loses the winning streak and the pound for pound title. Will still be undefeated in his weight class.
    On the other hand, if Volk is gonna win, that would be a little embarrassing for Islam. Losing title and winning streak to a guy that just came up to this weight class. 🤷‍♀


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