The Morning Kombat’s Brian Campbell takes on the role of the guest on CBS Sports HQ and offers a concise analysis of the UFC 283 event.

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  1. Great fight & I think Hill is over rated. Lots of guys in the division have one shot knockout power and people have slept Glover. He is def good but it’s to early to crown him the best in the division. This fight was a gift to Hill.

  2. Crazy how Paul Craig beat hill who's now the champion and beat the guy that just fought for the belt and only lost on split decision that alot of people including the champion thought he had won in the cage that night.. but then Craig looses to walker who was dominant.. MMA is a crazy sport

  3. This just tells you how good Jon Jones is. Held that LW belt for damn near a decade. Since he vacated the title less than two years ago. There have been 4 new champs.


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