Get a discount on your initial purchase by using promo code THEWEASLE60 at checkout. Check out my reactions and reactions of the UFC 283 event featuring headliners Glover Teixeira vs Jamahal Hill and Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno 4.

0:00 – Summary

2:12 – Glover Teixeira vs Jamahal Hill

6:44 – Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno 4

8:26 – Gilbert Burns vs Neil Magny

9:34 – Lauren Murphy vs Jessica Andrade

12:04 – Paul Craig vs Johnny Walker

13:30 – Shogun Rua vs Ihor Petieira

14:18 – Gregory Rodrigues vs Brunno Ferreira

15:08 – Gabriel Bonfim vs Mounir Lazzez

16:08 – Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Jailton Almeida

16:19 – Ismael Bonfim vs Terrance McKinney


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  1. It's really sad to see the only ukranian winning acting like, in his defence i would say that Ihor Potieria was just over excited. It's very hard to thing about something else about war during this time, i can't emagine myself on his place representing my country on such a big stage. I'll hope he would get use to this emotions and not act like this next time he wins.

  2. Conor McGregor does what!?!…no Weasel videos…Dana White batters his wife to the ground on video in front of a crowd of people…no Weasel videos…crickets as usual! Oh, unless it’s Jon Jones – then “the weasel” drops three videos in one day. Unbelievably biased and selective posting, disgraceful.

  3. That knock out of Rodriguez was insane!! I was also impressed with the Bonfim brothers. I’ve been excited about him since the contender series. They are going to a problem!

  4. Did he really say Figueiredo should fight Chito win or lose, what?? The bantamweight division is the deepest in the UFC, he won’t just walk in face a top contender.

  5. Weasel creaming his pants now that Glover retired and now of course he wants another Dagestani (magomed) as champion. He litterally jizzes everytime he mentions a dagestanis name.

  6. big respsect to hill coming back to win the title after getting his arm snapped by paul craig in like a year, the psychological and phsysical barriers that would take to break alone are seriously impressive

  7. That factor meal from the ad looks like a nasty tv dinner. I wonder how much plastic is leached into the food when you cook them in thsoe little TV dinner trays with the film over them

  8. What most surprised me on this card (besides McKinney getting KO'ed) was that Glover couldn't do anything on the ground with Jamahal Hill. We all knew he was likely to take some heavy shots before securing any takedown, and that happened, but once he got Hill to the ground I thought, "OK, now we're gonna see the old man get to work." But he couldn't do anything, he could barely advance position, I think one time he got to full mount for like a few seconds but didn't inflict any damage or threaten with a sub or anything like that. Like not even close. Props to Hill, great grappling defense!

  9. Robocop actually went down from 2 punches. He got hit hard with a right hook like 1.5 seconds before. Didn’t react but it was hard and on the temple so I suspect that primed him for the ko punch.

  10. Wait so TV dinners are back in style, and they have greenbeans now? That used to be the shittiest portion, we really came a long way from 30 years ago

  11. The farm thing is real. I dug trench 8 hrs a day for a decade. And I've thrown up my hands in defense from someone trying to get the jump and the block sleepem or as soon as they feel the grip give up

  12. Hey weasel, I have a question. How come fighters are no longer allowed to use intravenous after they weigh-in, in order to rehydrate? that doesn't sound like too egregious to me, but I'm sure there is a good explanation.

  13. Almost teared up for Jamahal Hill seeing him so emotional, but it was funny how quickly he changed back to normal all of a sudden. From crying kneeling on the floor to aggressive scream standing up in a second lol

  14. 13:55 you have to understand where he was coming from, his motherland his people are having real tough times, I’m sure he wanted to say many things when he fought the first time, but lost and this time just overreacted a little bit, that’s all, I’m sure he was nervous as hell

  15. The LHW division has changed a ton and the skill level went way down after Jones left.
    We went from having one champion for over 7 years to having 4 different champions in the span of 2 years.

  16. Hill is more athletic than I thought, a faster learner than I thought, is more coachable than I would have thought based on his interviews, and his fight IQ is notable as well. It's an interesting shakeup of the division. He could have a great career in front of him.


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