Kate and Alex break down the latest episode of Smackdown, covering everything from the controversial Logan Paul promo to the intense Title Qualifier match involving Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, LWO, Pretty Deadly, and Los Lotharios. They also discuss the fiery promos from Bayley and Damage CTRL, as well as the explosive showdown between Lashley & Street Profits and The Final Testament.

Plus, they dive into Roman Reigns’ powerful promo and the highly anticipated face-to-face between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Don’t miss their in-depth analysis and hot takes on all the action. And don’t forget, all the odds mentioned on Fightful are provided by our official partner, BetOnline! Check them out for the earliest lines and fastest payouts on sports, wrestling, and more.

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  1. it's Cody Rhodes vs reigns and where does Dwayne fit in He fits in next yrs WrestleMania, Cody has to finish the story and take the championship off of reigns THIS WRESTLEMANIA, if it doesn't happen Dwayne will get Booood and hate tremendously at WrestleMania,he's already getting it at house shows. Booooo boooooo boooooo boooooo boooooo

  2. Appreciate I'm late to the party here but if this booking doesn't prove that the "Cody is going to WWE" story is a work, I don't know what is!

    On a serious note, thanks for all you do at Fightful! It's very much appreciated, especially during times like this

  3. I think more when I think about this I’m just as mad at anyone who actually feels this wasn’t a good thing that happened Friday. Putting the match we prefer to see aside this is just a blatant attempt to distract us from how awful wwe has looked with all the vince news and YET people still can’t all see it the same. I realize everyone has an opinion but damn you’re basically supporting Vince’s actions if you support Rock vs Roman just my personal opinion.

  4. Grown ass men crying about a scripted show is hilarious. Cody will get his moment I see this as not been for the title. More head of the table rock could go over & then leaves Rhodes Roman without solo & that. Plus the whole buzz of Cody will die off soon as the story is finished

  5. Cody faces and beats Roman at the chamber. Roman goes on to face Rock at mania for the head of the table, Rock wins. Cody wants to take everything from Roman, but he can never be the head of the table so he enlisted Rock to ensure that everything does get taken from Roman.

  6. So Cody lost at WM39 because people said he didn't go through enough adversity and to let it play out. Now here we are with WM40 around the corner and now he gives up his spot to The Rock? I hope the crowd hijacks this match harder than they did with Goldberg vs Lesnar at WM20.

  7. remember cody rhodes smashed thriple h's throne this could very well be triple h screwing cody rhodes i want to see roman vs the rock but not this way not for the title and not at the expense of cody rhodes i don't want to see cody rock roma in a triple threat match

  8. I’d bet this came from Vince.

    Triple H still bows to Vince, not a doubt in my mind Vince still has major influence in creative.

    Triple H is just a Vince avatar, Ronda was onto something, but there’s a lot more than just Bruce.

  9. Roman cheats to beat Rock, Cody comes out and bests Roman immediately, like WM9. Cody wins, before he even touches the title, Damien cashes in on him. It's already a mess, let's make it the hottest mess possible


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