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  1. I had a thought, I have seen Bruce lee demonstrating, and the speed of his head movements is astounding, I always thought, doesn't that cause your brain to move inside of his skull, and if it does wouldn't that be like being hit, I know know one hit Bruce Lee but your brain is encased in a liquid and a skull, and instant sharp different direction movements must have a effect upon your brain, smashing into your skull. Just an idea.

  2. proving why these sports should be banned because MMA for instance is just like fighting someone on the street but with a referee and if i started beating someone like that on the street i would be arrested even if we both agreed to the street fight.

  3. It's been known that NFL players, boxers etc . Have a shorter life spans generally? I remember hearing that in like 1989? When I was 12yrs old or so?
    When I was young we played tackle football and rough housed daily? That's just the list ends!

  4. I can't believe it wasn't even mentioned that what happened to Gerald Mcclellan in that fight was all because of a slip that resulted into an accidental headbutt. No one noticed it at the time it was so fast but replay clearly shows the exact moment it happens. No one is to blame for what happened to Gerald. It was an accident. Then again, many are at fault for not seeing the signs that something was wrong and stopping the fight to get him some help. The reason he kept rubbing his face with his glove after he got headbutted was because it felt to him like blood was pouring down his face, but there was none. It was blood running down from his brain that he felt.

    When Gerald met Benn years later at a boxing function and his sister told him who he was Benn had to go hide by himself from uncontrollably crying from what happened to GM, even though he's not at fault. But hearing Gerald say "This man ruined my life." must've been a dagger to the heart.

    This fight should've been stopped so much earlier. It's very sad that so much damage could've been averted. I remember even the commentators were berating Gerald for when he was taking a knee at the end. Calling him a "Quitter"! I hope that commentator is eating his words today.

  5. This is so sad, i would never trade my health for some short lived glory. Its really not worth it. Train bjj and dont stress joints too hard if u need martial arts. Mentality matters so much. From the blows i took in mma (Not nearly as many as pros) I already have episodes of uncontrollable rage and halucinations but i also played football and used to hit people like waterboy lol. Dnt hurt your brain, i wish i saw this sooner… But it was the happiest time of my life 🙂 all good things end. Stay safe fighters

  6. Those cases are important to show ppl that fighting is not like Any other sport

    We're nothing but humans, ALL of us could end up in this condition, there are no powerfull heroes

    We must be carefull when Fighting

  7. God destroyed the earth with the Great Flood of Noah because violence filled the earth – here you see the fruits of violence and the greed of man – you CANNOT serve GOD and Mannon (money and fame) – Judgment Day is Coming Fast…..don't sell your soul to the devil, he hates you, will you use and throw you away.

  8. You see the way Benn looked at him after he was knocked through the ropes! It was "I'm Going to Beat the Eff Out of You!" We've all had it. It just ruined 2 lives. Happens everyday. Sad that it does.

  9. If you’re going to villainize Don King, then keep the same energy when it comes to any promoter. Eddie Hearn is a horrible person and so is Bob Arum and Oscar De La Hoya. None of these people are saints, you are misinformed and are always searching for a Black Villain, like y’all do to Deontay Wilder.

  10. The referee didn't understand English, which in truth was the responsibility of those that hired him. The fight should of been stopped. His coach ignored the pleas of his fighter.
    Another fighter had to take himself to the hospital. SMH.
    Fodder to line the pockets of others. 😔 So sad.

  11. I grew up in a gym in the early 80's to early 2000's seen so many punch drunk fighters I remember getting a boxer that just won Australian championship my father asked me to get him to sign his name on his photo of belt just after winning it his signature was scribble so sad 😭 Lance Hobson from Newcastle NSW Australia 🇭🇲 died in the ring from being to dehydrated fighting scene really needs looking into from fighters point of view not to ruffle feathers


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