Teofimo Lopez Rails Against ESPN Commentators, Accuses Top Rank of Pre...

Teofimo Lopez is back in the spot.

The previous merged light-weight champ and present 140-pound competitor triggered a stir previously today when he made extremely crucial remarks about ESPN experts Andre Ward and Timothy Bradley, blaming the Hall of Famers for misrepresenting his battles. Lopez is promoted by Top Rank, which has an unique output handle ESPN.

Lopez, 25, took goal with the method Ward and Bradley discussed his previous battles, especially throughout his upset loss to George Kambosos Jr. and his last fight, a close split choice over Sandor Martin.

In a rainy, comprehensive tirade, Lopez likewise described “Black fighters” in a way that numerous on social networks appeared to deem being either racially insensitive or flat-out racist.

“This is the important things, analysts are the ones that persuade everyone another person is winning,” Lopez informed Punsh Drunk Boxing. “ So view the Kambosos fight without the analysts, view my last fight without the analysts, and you will see the outcomes.

“At the fighters conference I dissed Andre Ward and Timothy Bradley in front of ESPN’s production for all the association and corruption that they do,” Lopez stated. “And what took place? I put more weight on my back, and all they was discussing, immediately, when I slipped with the very first knockdown they called.

“I slipped, they called it immediately. What did Bradley state, ‘He’s harmed, he’s hurt!’ So I do not sugarcoat sh!t. All these motherf—— d!ck flight and they draw d!ck—sorry for my language. But that is the issue, I do not ride off that.”

Lopez then specified that his next fight, a title shot against 140-pound WBO titlist Josh Taylor on June 10 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, would be his “last” fight on ESPN.

“And simply to put it on the area, this is my last fight on ESPN,” Lopez continued. “I’m sorry, however I’m not sorry. This is why this fight (Josh Taylor) indicates whatever to me. If they desire the Black fighters they can keep them. I brought Bud Lite to Top Rank.”

The remark about “Black fighters” instantly triggered a firestorm online.

In reaction to the reaction, Lopez’s dad, Teofimo Lopez Sr., went on another outlet to protect his child, consistently firmly insisting that his child was not a bigot. Lopez Sr. stated his child is just annoyed by the truth that he feels his promoter is not prioritizing him in the very same method as other fighters in their steady, much of whom occur to be Black.

“When my child stated Top Rank can stick with all their Black fighters—since you understand what it is, when Devin Haney entered into Top Rank and all this, they’re promoting him more than they’re promoting my child and he feels a little kind of method,” Lopez Sr. informed Mill City Boxing. “You got to comprehend this, we’re combating the leading man, brother. And we got to get some regard for that. And he simply feels some kind of method, like ‘Oh, they simply wish to promote the Black fighters.’ You got Keyshawn Davis, you got Shakur Stevenson, you got ‘Baby’ (Jared Anderson).

“So you got all these fighters from Top Rank that are getting more acknowledgment than my child is getting and he’s attempting to fight the leading pet dogs. So that’s simply something that he had inside…that he’s not being promoted, being valued about what he’s doing, brother.

“Like this fight with Josh Taylor, they’re putting him in the f—— Hulu Theater, brother. Like, genuine, brother?! I indicate, this is the fight that’s going to put him in the Hall of Fame. This is a huge fight and no one is even discussing it, brother. So that’s why he’s like that. He got a great deal of sh!t in his f—– chest.

“A great deal of individuals is going to attempt to put this sh!t like he’s racist. Bro…my son-in-law is black, you comprehend? My child got wed to a Black man, brother. I like Black individuals. We all love Black individuals, we was raised with Black individuals, brother. I resided in the jobs, brother. I don’t even got to describe myself since it’s foolish.

Lopez Sr. stated his child knew that he slipped up which he has actually prompted him to make an official apology through the media.

“[My son] comprehended that he was incorrect with what he stated,” Lopez Sr. stated. “But it has absolutely nothing to do with race. It has absolutely nothing to do with that. You can’t discuss the word ‘Black’ nowadays since everyone gets angered. It’s a word that you cannot utilize. And I informed him ‘you got to talk with the media, ask forgiveness and let them understand that you didn’t have no (racist intent)’ — like he didn’t state it like in a racist method, brother.

“He simply stated it like ‘Top Rank is truly simply concentrating on the Black fighters since it’s the marketplace. Marketing f—– technique. They see that’s what individuals wish to see. They love Black fighters. I indicate, they the very best at what they do. You understand, Black individuals are f—— extremely athletic, brother. Nobody can beat them, and I comprehend that.

“But we get the possibility to show to the world that my child can be the very best fighter worldwide, which’s all we desire, brother. We desire the opportunities, and when we get them, we go all out.”


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