Tang Kai defeats Thanh Le to unify ONE Featherweight MMA World Title

In a thrilling display of patience and strategy, Tang Kai secured a decisive victory over Thanh Le to reclaim his title as the undisputed ONE Featherweight MMA World Champion. Following a grueling battle that spanned two World Title fights, Tang emerged victorious in a historic showdown at ONE 166: Qatar on March 1, marking the organization’s debut in the country.

The match started slowly as both fighters cautiously measured each other’s strengths. Despite initial difficulties in closing the gap against his opponent, Tang gradually gained momentum in the second round with strategic strikes that left Le visibly impacted. However, it was in the third round that Tang’s determination paid off, as he landed a devastating right hook that ultimately led to Le’s defeat.

With this win, Tang extended his winning streak to 11 consecutive victories and solidified his record of 19-2, with an impressive 15 knockouts. As the first male MMA World Champion from China, Tang now returns to Shaoyung with the ONE Featherweight MMA World Title in hand, along with a well-deserved US$50,000 performance bonus for his outstanding performance against Le.


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