1. He should have retired after Jon Jones destroyed him, He fought in era when MMA was in its infancy and was a Class B fighter at best in todays standards. I never thought much of him but glad he finally hung it up.

  2. People don’t realize before he even got to the UFC he had a whole career in Pride just smashing dudes violently. He’s got to be one of if not the toughest dudes that ever fought in combat sports. Thank you Shogun for all those great years. You are a true Champion and Legend your legacy is cemented.

  3. Shogun would have walked through this guy just a few years ago. The fact the Ukrainian doesn't recognise this is hilarious!! He says he's the future of the UFC!!! We the fans decide that my friend, not you. Be humble, u just beat a legend at the end of a long hard career!! Show some respect!!

  4. I was at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ the night he lost to Jon. So much has changed in my life, but this man has continued to fight. Respect. He was the best fighter in the world for a small period of time, but he was there.

  5. 何か体つきも顔もPRIDE時代とは別人になってて悲しいけどお疲れ様でした。



  6. Very cool guy. Met him on the streets of Waikiki back when he was about to fight Chuck Liddell.. Even got to take a pic with him. Hats off to him and his illustrious career. 👏👏👏 Thank you for all the years! Obrigado Shogun!

  7. It's rare to see a legend past their prime retire off a W. The fact that he competed in the ufc for as long as he did is impressive, not even counting his legendary run in pride.

  8. Thank you Shogun for all the great years of UFC. You are one of my all time favorites. You fought will all your heart & were a true modern day warrior. Much respect my friend. Thank you for all you years of dedication to a sport loved by billions. May god bless you & your family.


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