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  1. Why aren’t the old fights ever labeled properly? I understand trying to promote an upcoming event but at least put the real fight number/date somewhere in the description.

  2. The English announcer needs to stick to announcing the fight. He talks right through a fight changing one two by Strickland so he can praise Taleb's gym and a takedown that doesn't happen. Don't finish your point, it's not that good. Just announce what is going on currently, because your speculation was wrong.

  3. In the second round Sean Strickland came in form really that throw of punches would have knocked out taleb . congratulations to Sean ❤️🇮🇳
    Respect to refree he stopped the fight other wise taleb would be leaving the ring with broken nose 😶

  4. This is perhaps the worst commentary for a UFC fight I have heard in a really long time. It's like they weren't even paying attention most of the time. Sean blasted Talib with two shots, wobbling him and the commentators didn't even notice until he got knocked down a few seconds later. Really bad.

  5. Ha….my brother lives in Moncton, N.B but isn't into MMA. If I was there I'd be in the front row if I could!
    As a gal who ❤️'s UFC! It pisses me off though that UFC Fight Pass can only post the 1st 4 preliminary fights only of last night's Vegas 67 (but the complete fight appears on Fight Pass soon after the fight's over). It was the same as Vegas 66 – we saw the first 4 preliminaries only!
    Canadians really don't have a choice when it comes to watching certain UFC events live. Fight Pass posts the entire event not long after it ends. We can't get ESPN
    "in our area"- makes it sound like we're on the North Pole!
    I guess the only solution is
    Nord VPN! I think it depends on how hardcore of a fan you are but it's worth looking into! 👍💪😎🇨🇦

  6. I don't know what the commentator is on about, Strickland was always going to knock that dude out. Yeah a few kicks were hard, but Strickland was always waiting for that right to hit, once it did, the fight was Stricklands in a short period.

  7. Announcer never noticed Taliv gassed out walking back about a minute in to rd 2. He circled away all first round and it wore him out. They were totally clueless that the fight changed then


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