Image: Ryan Garcia confirms he got $30M for Gervonta Davis fight

According to a current statement by Ryan Garcia, he made a large $30 million from his fight against Gervonta Davis on Showtime PPV last April. The occasion itself produced a tremendous $100 million.

Considering these figures, it’s affordable to presume that Tank Davis made someplace in between $40-50 million for the fight, which might describe why he may not enter the ring once again this year.

Given the significant quantity of cash Tank produced what appeared like an uncomplicated triumph over Ryan, who retired on one knee after a liver shot, it’s uncertain he would be inspired enough to return to action anytime quickly.

Oscar De La Hoya likewise acknowledged Ryan’s $30 million payday for the fight and revealed his complete satisfaction, though he did point out Garcia’s evident fatigue due to the requiring 136-lb catchweight concurred upon.

Prior to his fight with Tank Davis, Ryan’s reported net worth was $20 million. However, he now boasts a net worth of $50 million. He just recently exposed strategies to transfer to Dallas, Texas, a spectacular and remarkably economical location to live, though the downside is the weather condition resemblance to Las Vegas.

Some boxing lovers on social networks concern whether Ryan Garcia was worthy of the fight against Tank Davis due to his suspect fight record against weaker challengers.

However, the factors Ryan protected the fight with Davis in spite of his average resume are as follows:

A. He boasts 11 million Instagram fans
B. He does not have experience
C. His defense abilities are doing not have
D. His resume is weak

When it pertains to the possibility of combating once again this year, the odds are greater for Ryan than for Tank Davis, as Garcia appears more enthusiastic and excited to enhance his abilities.

Recently, Ryan has actually been training under his brand-new coach Derrick James in Dallas, totally dedicated to making the title of world champ.

On the other hand, Gervonta Davis has actually been put behind bars, and the only look we have actually had of him because his release is a picture where he’s seen holding stacks of $100 costs.

From the appearances of it, he’s holding a minimum of $1 million in money, which is an amazing total up to be bring around in paper currency.

Ryan has numerous choices for his next fight at the 140-pound weight class, however the choice will eventually depend upon whether he wishes to take a danger or not.

One of the simpler choices for Ryan would be to challenge Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero, the WBC light welterweight champ, and possibly protect a belt. However, this might need waiting up until Rolly’s compulsory defense against Ohara Daviees is total. It’s easy to understand if Ryan does not wish to wait and aspires to return into action.


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