In this article, we aim to dissect the heated and contentious match-up between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman 3.


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  1. You don't change champions if it isn't a definitive win in favor of the challenger. If you have to make a video of why you technically thought he should have won because of close moments that can go either way, that just shows you Leon definitely didn't deserve to lose the title.

  2. I absolutely love lean edwards as the champion. His story is amazing and his grit is unlike anybody in the game rn. He is truly dedicated to the grind and I respect him for that.

  3. $100 says the guy whos voice is in this video has NEVER fought mma, nevermind just boxing for 5 rounds. Don't listen to a youtuber who isn't around the sport except when he watches it on tv😂.

  4. I thought it could've been a draw live but after rewatching, it's clear that Usman won that fight 48-46… 2,3,4 with rd 3 being a 10-8 because of the point deduction.
    Judge Ben Cartridge scored round 3 a DRAW but gave Usman rd 4?!?! When rd 4 could've been a draw and rd 3 was nowhere close to a draw even with a point deduction.
    If you have re-watched the fight and still think Edwards won then you're blind!!

  5. The reall robbery was justin winning vs fiziev not my thing to say a fight was a robbery. But im suprised i didnt see a video about that fight.

    Leon won 4 of 5 rounds. No doubt, usman wasnt that good and i expected it 😂

  6. Kamaru won round 2
    Leon was always on the backfoot & fouling. Beginning of round 3 Kamaru rag-dolled him. At least a draw. Robbery. Leon wasn’t dominant, how can a winner choose flight instead of fight

  7. the knees and kicks from leon were terrifying, Usman is one tough guy !! It was a close fight panning towards edwards. The thing is Edward has exposed usman's wrestling, so people like Colby who have great fight IQ are gonna make the best use out of it. As for leon, Colby is gonna be a good challenge. But I guess right now, he deserves to rest. Usman, colby, khamzat and other top contenders need to battle it out for number 1 contender.

  8. I actually really like the addition of giving a strike that’s debatable in power a .5 since often times it can be tough to tell how well it actually connected and some guys have great poker faces

  9. Leon highlights:
    Nutshot (2x)
    Fence grab
    Glove grab

    He was only deducted 1 point and herb even reset their position which helped leon, could've made leon gas with that whole round control if herb didn't reset their position.

    Leon should've be deducted 4 points in this fight. Absolute robbery.

  10. I think Leon edged it. Usman did not look as solid as before but he still made it very close. The consistency of Leon's leg kicks is the main feature of the fight IMO.


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