Image: Oscar De La Hoya says Jermell Charlo "dangerous" for Canelo Alvarez

According to Sean Jones, Oscar De La Hoya thinks that Jermell Charlo positions a higher risk to Canelo Alvarez than any other challenger due to his speed and combating strength. De La Hoya draws from his own experience of dealing with a smaller sized fighter, Manny Pacquiao, and acknowledges the benefit of speed. Despite forecasts that Canelo’s size will subdue Charlo, De La Hoya remembers comparable doubts prior to his fight with Pacquiao. De La Hoya slams Canelo for investing excessive time on golf rather of resting and training, comparing his way of life to that of a rich retired person. De La Hoya anticipates an amusing fight however thinks that Charlo has more to get from the bout than Canelo does. He argues that a success for Canelo will not make him much credit, as he will be viewed as choosing challengers. De La Hoya mentions the toll that playing golf handles Canelo’s body and recommends that he must focus on rest and training, specifically considering his age.


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