Nick Ball’s Coach Says They Would Love A Rematch With Rey Vargas

Nick Ball might have won the regard of the boxing world however the unbeaten featherweight will board his flight home from Saudi Arabia without the reward he truly desired; the WBC featherweight title.

If long period of time champ Rey Vargas shaded the very first half of Friday’s title fight, Ball controlled the 2nd.

The 27-year-old Liverpudlian strolled through some strong body shots and gradually increase the speed and pressure as the rounds passed. He likewise dropped the much taller Mexican in the 8th and 11th rounds. 

Vargas never ever totally unravelled once the momentum of the fight had actually turned against him, he discovered everything however difficult to reverse it. 

At the last bell, there appeared to be just one winner. Instead, Ball needed to go for a bulk draw. The scorecards differed extremely. One judge had Ball winning plainly, 116-110, another scored the fight 114-112 for Vargas while the 3rd judge couldn’t separate them and handed in a 113-113 card. 

“The response of the crowd stated everything. The boos were cascading from the top. I don’t believe anybody enjoyed with that choice,” Ball’s fitness instructor Paul Stevenson informed Boxing Now. “This is what’s incorrect with boxing a great deal of the time. You get a close, tough fight however the clear development of somebody brand-new. You need to eliminate the king to end up being the king. He does whatever that’s asked of him and more and wins plainly in the eyes of the majority of.

“Some of those scorecards are all over the location. The referee – I don’t understand where they’ve got him from however I wouldn’t like to see him once again. It’s really discouraging to state the least.”

While Stevenson was certainly disappointed and dissatisfied by the scorecards, he likewise wished to accentuate the efficiency of the referee, Giovanni Poggi.

It is stated that a great referee must hardly be observed however Poggi played a significant function in the fight. Some of his cautions were warranted – the shoulder toss Ball arrived at Vargas in the early rounds nearly won him the fight by ippon – however the Italian main avoided Ball from working when he entered Vargas’ long arms and usually appeared incredibly responsive to the Mexican veteran’s grievances and histrionics from the opening bell.

The short, effective Ball (19-01, 11 KOs) understood that he would need to make life as unpleasant as possible for Vargas (36-1-1, 22 KOs) at every chance and although he bullied, pressed and rough-housed the 33-year-old, he usually did a great task of keeping his attacks on the best side of legal. 

Vargas is a knowledgeable, first-rate operator and might still have actually banked those early rounds even had Ball been enabled to enforce himself, however he would have needed to work much more difficult to do so. Given the method Ball completed, the scorecards might even have actually been rendered unimportant. 

“I spoke with the referee when he came round to offer the pre-fight guidelines,” Stevenson exposed. “I stated we had a high challenger who is going to wish to box and relocation. Please offer Nick the chance to work within before you leap in and break the fight. Straight away he was really dismissive of it and when the fight occurred, as quickly as they got close – like I understood he would since I might inform by his body movement previously – he was right therein. 

“I don’t like to slag him [Vargas] off since he’s a world champ however I was dissatisfied in the method he brought himself. Throwing himself on the flooring and grumbling continuously. I don’t believe he performed himself as a champ and he goes home with the belt and not Nick. We’d like that rematch.”


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