Marvin Vettori secured his position as a renowned UFC middleweight fighter with a landslide win over Roman Dolidze during the UFC 286 event held on Saturday.

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  1. Pretty clearly 29-28 win for Vettori. 2 and 3 were competitive but wildly in Vettori's favor.

    Insane people booed him because he won. And the 30-27 is irrelevant. The right winner won.

  2. After his loss to Whittaker, Vettori matured significantly; he went to Thailand and focused on improving his kicks; he won against Dolidze because of his kicks; Marvin only grows and becomes a more complete fighter than he already is. In the middleweight division, he is only 29 years old. Marvin, congratulations…

  3. Judges were horrible the whole night. Especially that main event, oh my. I know we're supposed to love Leon and hate Usman but man got absolutely robbed lol

  4. This guy didn't get the love he deserved at the 02, I just didn't understand it? Marvin is a beast and has fought a who's who of the middleweight division. If you're a true MMA fan, you'd at least respect the guy

  5. Disgraceful robbery lost every round, spent all the fight on his backfoot and did nothing there but throw the occasional kicks, definitely got beat on significant strikes, failed all takedown attempts and did nothing back to counter what roman did he lost and unanimous decision is even more disgraceful robbery than split wtf

  6. I love how they mention Marvin's kicks but when they show the highlights during the interview… it's all punches.
    Great job production team, yall need a raise 😁


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