Manny Pacquiao's son sells shoes

Manny Pacquiao’s boy offered a set of Nike Air Max made particularly for the eight-weight world champ to a YouTuber for $15,000.

Michael, who himself is a social networks influencer, took the shoes to Boss Toyo, an online dealership who hosts a vlogging series called ‘Pinoy Pawnstars.’

Manny Pacquiao’s shoes offer to YouTuber

Nike made the shoes for Pacquiao throughout the height of his profession, and according to Michael, his papa used them throughout the weigh-in for the 2015 Floyd Mayweather fight. Michael at first desired $50,000.

However, Toyo handled to bargain with Pacquiao due to the reality he brought a set of WBC gloves talented to Pacquiao, which Michael states his mom provided to him. He requested over $14,000 for the gloves, bringing the asking cost for both to $64,000.

Having taken part in a chat with a specialist on celeb shoes, a worth of $10,000 was put on the shoes. Toyo enjoyed with the cost, however Michael picked not to offer unless the cost was raised.

Pacquiao mentioned that a worldwide sale or auction might quickly see the shoes cost a far greater cost. Toyo then mentioned he’d go to simply under $15,000 however that he had no interest in the gloves due to a ‘absence of story.’

After a chat with his mom – Manny’s spouse Jinkee, Michael accepted the deal and offered the shoes for $15,000 [850,000 Filipino pesos] regardless of stating he desired $17,500 at the end.

If evidence is offered with the shoes, Toyo might quickly earn money for a collector who desires boxing souvenirs from the Mayweather vs Pacquiao occasion.

The 2015 clash stays the highest-grossing fight of perpetuity and will stay in the record books for many years to come. Therefore, if Pacquiao used them as he weighed in and went head-to-head with Mayweather, the cost of such shoes would just increase in the future.

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