The highly anticipated boxing match between Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and American champion Adrien Broner took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on January 19, 2019. The eight-division champion, fondly referred to as “Pac Man,” faced off against WBC and WBO champion, “The Problem” in a fight for the WBA welterweight belt. The match delivered a spectacular display of sportsmanship and skill, captured in stunning HD highlights at 60 fps. Don’t forget to share and subscribe for more action-packed content! #Pacquiao #Broner #Boxing #Knockouts #USA #MikeTyson #HD #highlights #boxer #fighter #hl #sports #60fps #Philippines #sport
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  1. The very sad part of being a boxing fanatic is we will never ever able to see another Manny Pacquiao again. I was once believed that there will never be another tyson but Pacquiao was born, i hope the same thing will happen again…

  2. Broner dosent use hus jab AT ALL like dam brother these dude you want to fight are way to elite to just walk in and beat without giving them something to throw they timing off JAB my boy 😂

  3. I hate watching fighters that are just going for points and not for the knockout (this case Broner, other boxers like Rigondeux and Mayfeather), why do they call themselves pros? this is like amateur boxing. The only ones supporting these kinds of boxers are either blacks or track & field athletes.

  4. 2 fighters I will never forget because of the entertainment factor of their fights. Tyson and Pacquiao. So glad I got to see both. Plus my dad's side of the family is from the Philippines so they were watching him before he was known. I got to see all his early fights and my dad always said “he’s gonna be the best! He’s Filipino!”

  5. Pero si ni le llega a tocar al broner mucho golpecito por parte de Pacquiao pero poco efectivo. parece una pelea pactada los salieron sin ningún rasguño en la cara no me jodas los golpes de Pacquiao ni cosquillas a broner.
    Pa mi que broner va a medio gas.


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