Lester Martniez moves to 16-0 with stoppage win

In an extreme very middleweight clash at the ProBox Event Center in Plant City, FL, Guatemalan fighter LESTER MARTINEZ (16-0 14 KO’s) showcased his remarkable strength against the resistant LUCAS DE ABREU MARTINS (14-4 11KO’s).

Martinez’s ruthless aggressiveness showed excessive for De Abreu, who had a hard time to keep Martinez at bay in spite of his reliable jab and mixes from a range. Martinez controlled the 2nd round with a series of effective mixes.

In the 3rd round, De Abreu was captured by a best cross to the temple, triggering a short-lived hold-up in his motions. Though he handled to increase and continue combating, De Abreu was not able to match Martinez’s efficiency. A well-placed uppercut sent out De Abreu to the canvas once again, however he showed remarkable toughness by getting up again.

De Abreu endured into the 4th round, however Martinez released another barrage of mixes, culminating in a terrible left hook that triggered referee Emil Lombardi to step in and stop the fight simply 33 seconds into the round.

Reflecting on the bout, De Abreu humbly mentioned, “We’re fine. In boxing, there are times when you fall, and the crucial thing is to stand back up. I praise my challenger; he was the more powerful fighter tonight.”


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