Kickboxing, Muay Thai Matches Announced by ICS in Tripoli; Civil Defense Day Celebrated with Spectacular Showcase

Two considerable occasions occurred in Lebanon on a Saturday, bring in sports lovers and advocates of civil defense efforts. Riad Al-Ratl revealed prepare for an approaching series of kickboxing and Muay Thai matches called ‘The Return’, set to occur on March second. Concurrently, Brigadier Raymond Khattar led an occasion celebrating International Civil Defense Day, showcasing the abilities and preparedness of Lebanon’s civil defense groups with aerial assistance from the Lebanese Army Air Force. The day highlighted the significance of both sportsmanship and security, highlighting the commitment, preparation, and neighborhood assistance necessary for success and security in both fields. Both occasions acted as a chance to commemorate unity, readiness, and the ruthless spirit of professional athletes and civil defense workers in Lebanon. The day showed a more comprehensive story of strength and enthusiasm, showcasing the varied skills and commitment present within the nation.


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