Jeong Yeong Lee, the victor of UFC Fight Night 218, took time to speak to various media outlets, including MMA Junkie, after his split decision win over Zha Yi in Las Vegas. For complete coverage of the event, visit our website, which is part of the USA TODAY network. Keep up with all the latest from the UFC using the hashtags #UFCVegas68 and #UFC.
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  1. Interviewer:Where did you do better than your opponent?
    Lee: I don’t even know , I am too embarrassed to comment on that !!
    He doesn’t know where he had done better … an absolute robbery-

  2. I hate the biased commentary in ufc!
    Are people blind that they are claiming he done more damaged on Yi but look at Yi’s face in camparison to his face! Whaaat the actuall Fk


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