Following his spectacular win at UFC 283, newly crowned light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill had the honor of being congratulated by Daniel Cormier. Fans can get the latest UFC content by subscribing to the UFC channel. For a more immersive experience, they can also sign up for the digital subscription service of the UFC, UFC FIGHT PASS. Pay-Per-Views are also available for those in the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, fans can purchase official UFC Gear, Memorabilia, and VIP Live Event Experiences from the official UFC stores. To stay connected with the UFC and UFC FIGHT PASS, viewers can follow them on their social media platforms. #UFC #UFC283


  1. Dagestani BELT !!!!! Dagestani champ !!!wait we r here and that belt will come to DAGESTAN….cuse all u have is Danaaaaaa pay the judge like u always doo Dana help DAGESTANI IS HERE AND HE WANA HIS BELT BACK !!!!

  2. That dude who prematurely put the belt on Jamahal lookin real goofy, the guys who were booing and left the stadium before Glover announces his retirement looking even goofier

  3. What the fuck is wrong with Marc Goddard? We get it, you’re upset that he’s putting the belt on him prematurely, but you heard the scorecards: 50-44 + you were literally watching Glover get pummelled for 25 mins. Doesn’t even bother to raise Jamahal hand because his ego was hurt…what a dick.


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