After a victorious fight against Alex Pereira, Israel Adesanya appeared on the UFC 287 Post Show to chat with Brett Okamoto and Jon Anik. He talked about his strategy and emotions during the match as he worked to reclaim his middleweight title. Fans of UFC, MMA, and sports can tune in to ESPN+, as well as subscribe to several ESPN channels on YouTube or watch on YouTube TV.
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  1. Play possum then activate a Genjutsu, an illusion which Pereira thought he could make a repeat win against Izzy for the 4th time in a row just to receive a killshot by Izzy by falling into a trap that he laid perfectly for Alex to fall through like it was yet another easy victory for him but then he got wrecked in the process of going head to head against Izzy.

  2. Lol, for the first like 4 minutes of this interview, Izzy didn’t really answer any of their questions. They’d ask him something and he’d go on a tangent with confidence. They just had to roll with it 😂

  3. Completely classless and was losing the fight. The fact that he immediately says he won't give Alex a rematch proves he still fears him. A more careful Alex will ko him guanteered.

  4. Alex Pereira is moving up to 205? Dana and Izzy have both said this but not Alex Pereira , I think it's the company forcing him to move up because Izzy is such a big draw and they knew Alex could of ended his career with another win tonight. Also before it was Izzy's dream to move up and win at light heavyweight become a double champ , he took his shot and lost to Jan Błachowicz but now is talking about cya Alex go fight at 205.

  5. He doesn't want to risk the possibility of a second L where Pereira might have have the chance to beat him at the trilogy with a 2-1 score. That's not honorable. This not wanting to fight somebody for a third time first appeared during the McGregor era where Conor refused to fight Nate for a third time and close the trilogy. I find that to be cowardly. And of course, a multitude of casual "MMA fans" flooded in during that time as well. The UFC always put on trilogies and completed them when fighters went 1-1 in the octagon.

  6. Izzy's speech should be used as a classical example of Social Cognitive Behavior. Self efficacy, determination, focus, and resilience of this man is out of this world. Not to mention his communication and combat skills, smh, Izzy is just too good! He is an all-rounder! Respect man!!!


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