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  1. Volks footwork and overall movement is truly masterful. He cuts quickly in any direction but also making it look effortless, appearing like he’s gliding. That’s super impressive.

  2. Islam repeatedly taking Volk down and even Dominick Cruz said Islam was sharper on the striking.. close fight but Islam for sure took the first 3 rounds

  3. 29:43 “damage is how you win decisions” well obviously not if islam won lmao. islam did nothing but hold volk on the ground cuz he was scared of getting knocked tf out. i don’t wanna hear it

  4. I thought this fight was closer when i first watched, but rounds 1-4 are pretty clearly islam, but oddly with how dominant 5 was for volk it feels like volk won the fight

  5. This fight was close. I like both Volk and Islam so it was hard for me to root for one over the other. I think the judges saw it Islam Rds 1,2. Volk Rds 3,5. It had to have come to that 4th Rnd. That round could've gone either way

  6. The only reason volk could wrestle with islam is because Islam made shit tone of mistakes .If khabib was there a n expert opinion might had changed the scene

  7. Ive rewatched round 2 5 times now, volk won it, he's the double champ. And the fact that derek cleary scored round 3 for islam is beyond shocking

  8. If Volk would have had the foresight to push harder sooner he could have won that fight. Islam won by the skin of his teeth. Hopefully Islam is better because of it.

  9. Volk needs to up the pace of the fight. you could see islam getting tired in the 4th and 5th.if he can get him to tire out in the 3rd i think volk will win.


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