After a thrilling fight in the main event of UFC 284, lightweight champion Islam Makhachev sat down with the press to discuss his victory over featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. Fans can watch all the latest UFC action with UFC FIGHT PASS, the digital subscription service of the UFC. To order UFC Pay-Per-Views on ESPN+, visit (U.S. only) or (Non U.S.). Additionally, fans can show their support by purchasing official UFC Gear, Memorabilia, and VIP Experiences. Connect with UFC online and on Social: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: UFC Twitch: and follow UFC FIGHT PASS on Twitter: and Instagram: #UFC #ufc284
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  1. Islam could have moved his fight-camp to Australia a month before the fight. He chose not to, so I do not think he should use Jet-lag as some excuse for not dominating the fight. Tough competition is not something one should be embarrassed about.

  2. Islam should not give Volk that rematch again as they didn't appreciate him in the first place.

    Rematch for what? what will he gain? Another P4P scam? or for another false accusation? HE WON !!

    It's very simple if you believe those Dagestani's are not religious

    yeah i can imagine you think he cheated 🤣

    Islam Makhachev will be remembered as the only fighter who beat #2 and #1 P4P fighters of the planet and stopped 11+12= 23-win streak back-to-back within only 3 months as his title shot and first Title defense.

    Now that's what we call The Best fighter in the world with an unmatched record. Beat that if you can. And F*ck P4P list of UFC.

    The UFC Stats & Rankings are BS. Hell ill even say that the UFC screwed Islam over.

    Creating a "superfight" without having the influence to make the P4P #1 . They don't even represent the rankings because as we learned the Panel decides.

    Volkanofski : " Lightweight on the line P4P on the line "

    The UFC : " Winner is the P4P King "

    That was the DEAL !!

    From now on ill check my stats at " Sherdog " They have put Islam Makhachev P4P #1

  3. Islam beat Olivera become champ who cleared out the division with 11 fight win streak and has the most finishes in UFC history, then ONLY 4 months later challenges and goes on to beat the champ p4p best fighter in the world in his back yard with a 12 fight win streak. Beast 👏

  4. Islam used an IV and barely squeaked out a decision vs the smaller man.
    Hardly constitutes P4P and the UFC P4P rankings currently reflect what the majority of the MMA community already know

  5. Makhachev keeps saying he is “the best fighter in the world.” It almost seems he needs to keep saying that to convince himself. I know he is an extremely good fighter, but a few things took away from his victory in my opinion: 1. Khabib’s legacy. 2. Khabib’s public promotion of Makhachev. 3. Mak’s attempts to ridicule and belittle Volkanovski, claiming he would knock him out and it would be easy. 4. Mak’s reputation after finishing Oliviera so quickly, and lastly 5. Volk’s moving up a weight class. All of these things made the expectations so high for Mak that even though he officially won the contest, everyone left the fight being amazed by kryptonite Volk instead of Makhachev.

  6. I was surprised by the ratings. I stopped taking the UFC seriously as an organization. You did not give the first place to Makhachev. How is this possible? The second number won against the first number, what's up cheaters?

  7. It does matter how you win islam????Calling alex a short guy i now its part of the game n some trashtalking but islam have been ragdolled by a 5'6 featherweight fighter while islam have all the advantage height,reached,weight and still think people will called you the best pound for pound in the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's was hillarious as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    We should like to see a rematch between islam and alex again but i feel like the rematch may not be happen again.Islam look like he tried to ignored the rematch between him and alex everytime the journalist asked the question about the rematch????Also he became a little bit delusional tooo….


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