The very expected rematch in between Deiveson Figueiredo as well as Brandon Moreno finished with Moreno taking the win for the 2nd time. But exactly how did he take care of to land the left hook? How a lot had Moreno boosted considering that their very first fight? And where did Figueiredo fail?


  1. Moreno did such a great job in this fight. He is so fast. I had a hard time seeing everything happen. They almost looked like spiders on the ground fighting. 😂 That reversal was pretty great but Moreno is so impressive every time he fights but this time was even better. He’s so smart and fast. I don’t see anyone else catching him yet.

  2. This may be utterly preposterous of me to state, but I feel that Figgy will only be a top 10 to top 6 Bantamweight. My perception is that he is somewhat skilled, and perhaps my perception is skewed from the Moreno fights because Moreno himself is a superb fighter. It seems that Figgy relied predominantly on his physical superiority as opposed to his technical skill at Flyweight. As Weasle stated, I think those technical deficiencies are going to be magnified fighting guys who match him physically, some even bigger.

  3. Figueredo gets knocked out a 135 he is not that good and his defense is mid he needs to be a weight bully in order to win at that level I could go down the 125 and be in the UFC by then end of but im not a weight bully I am going to become the best in the world the hard way and only fight guys my size and bigger

  4. …looked to me like the eye poke came AFTER the left hook punch. I could be wrong though. It went too fast to tell but it looked like that could have been it! I know he came out and disclaimed that in the press conf afterwards – saying that he had his fingers pointing straight upwards, but it didn't look that way to me. I think after the punch he poker him in the eye.


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